The Eurobase Support Portal - Getting Started

Submitting a ticket via the Eurobase Support Portal

The Eurobase Support Portal is accessible at When you login, a number of functions are made available to you. This is the standard view of your support portal, when not logged in:


Quick guide to submitting tickets through the Eurobase Support Portal:

· To raise a ticket, click on the "new support ticket” button:

• You will be taken to the ticket form where you will be asked to provide information regarding your request/the issue you are facing

• You can also attach files to your tickets

• When you click the submit button, your ticket will be created in our helpdesk with an indicator advising that the portal has been used to log the ticket

• The ticket requester will be taken to the ticket page where you can check the status of the ticket, add replies and notes to it when needed

• The requester will have received an email notification with the ticket URL

• When a Eurobase agent replies to the ticket or changes its status, the ticket will be updated

• Once the agent resolves the issue, you can "Mark ticket as Closed"

Checking the status of tickets and adding replies from the Eurobase Support Portal

When raising a ticket in our helpdesk through email, website or portal, you can log in and check for updates to the ticket. To look at all the tickets created by a requester, the requester has to login and click on the Check ticket status link.


A ticket can have various statuses. You can filter tickets based on their statuses and can use the drop down above the list of tickets to choose which kind of tickets should be visible.

All tickets view

· Choosing all tickets will show you every ticket raised in the helpdesk, regardless of status.

Open or pending tickets

· Every ticket raised will default to a status of "Open". This can be changed by an agent to "Pending" when awaiting a response from the requester.

Resolved or Closed

· By default anybody visiting the Eurobase Support Portal can view a limited number of knowledge base and community articles. Logged in users have increased functionality including the ability to submit support requests and view all knowledge base and forums.

All closed and resolved tickets can be reopened by the requester when they send a reply to the tickets.

Submitting a ticket via Email


When you email us at with a support query, a new ticket will be created. We will send out an automated response providing the ticket URL (allowing you to view the details online).